The Story Behind The Tour


Early traces of the DT Tour began with a few local meetups in Atlanta, with the idea of featuring one or two compelling technologies that complemented one another but more importantly solved pressing issues in I.T.

These small meetups consisted of a morning event that combined networking, a sponsored breakfast and two hours of quality technical discussions. Before we knew it, word got out about the DT Tour and the exciting things that were happening at these informal events and vendors quickly lined up to be included. We now include 6-8 speakers per event, depending on the venue.

We quickly realized that although our meetups started small, there were vast groups of tech professionals in associations, trade shows and user groups that were avidly searching for an independent provider of tech education, similar to Ted-talks. Ever since then, our events and our community of I.T. leaders continues to grow, while remaining focused on quality content that gives our attendees real, actionable value.   



Empowering The IT Community, One Event At A Time


The DT Tour stands for more than an emerging tech series, it represents a forward-thinking community of I.T. professionals looking to learn new, innovative ideas and modern solutions specific to their industry. We’ve worked hard to ensure that every event embodies a collaborative environment that invites tech professionals to participate and engage in the event, not simply be a bystander.

On this premise, our sponsors and speakers graciously pick up the tab, and even the venue in some cases, in order to provide attendees with a truly dynamic experience. The DT Tour cuts through the noise in the tech market and gives attendees community support, access to early-stage technologies, and insights to seed the future of I.T.