Real Issues Facing IT Professionals in Manufacturing

  • Simplifying the managing of corporate and remote facilities in the modern manufacturing data center
  • Leveraging AI and machine learning to secure your intellectual property and secure your most important assets
  • The unfair advantage of moving your compute and analytics to the cloud
  • IOT (Internet of Things) and 5 business ideas for enabling manufacturers
  • The new era of telephone and communications for manufacturing in the cloud
  • How to execute on your vision as CIO while managing a diverse
    group of resources, vendors and executive pressures?
  • What role is big data playing in the evolution of b2b sales?
  • Why should financial services care about big data?
  • Simple strategies for coordinating IT with high M&A activity
  • How can big data drive competitive intelligence?
  • The 90-Day CIO Game Plan
  • Identifying Cloud computing and security risks
  • How are services really protecting our data?
  • What is the role of private, public and hybrid in shaping the future of the data center for the enterprise?
  • Building a playbook to recover from a Ransomware attack