Early Access To Leading-Edge Tech 


Looking to learn about emerging technologies that are disrupting the market before they hit the big screen? One side of the DT Tour highlights news and breakthroughs surrounding technologies that are early on in the adoption curve, such as Blockchain, IOT, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. See how they are being implemented and also how they are evolving from the world’s best experts in each space.

The second division of the DT Tour sheds light on dynamic innovators, from Hyperconverged Software and NVME Storage to Managed Service providers and innovative software vendors. It focuses on solutions that help solve the major obstacles plaguing I.T. professionals in their industry and their environment.


Cut Through The Noise


The DT Tour strives to bring disruptive innovators and industry leading  I.T. professionals together in an intimate, conversational environment. Gain insights that you simply can’t find anywhere else as tech leaders share only their successes, but also their failures and false starts.

Stop wasting countless hours and budget on large tech conferences that barely scrape the surface of the major issues facing I.T. professionals. See how the best I.T. leaders manage their teams and adapt to change in the ever-accelerating world of technology.

Don’t just watch them.

Engage with them. Challenge them. Grow with them.